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Superior Powder Coat, Premium Performance

The Rocket Approach takes pride in being among the leaders in powder coating contractors. We believe in tough standards, efficient performance, and powder coating solutions that surpass expectations across industries.

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Small Town Values, Big City Capabilities.

The Rocket Powder Coating Advantage

Manufacturers – especially if they’ve experienced powder coating problems elsewhere – find out the Rocket operation is ready to take on anything.

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We LISTEN to your needs and specifications. Keeping each of our clients’ unique situations and expectations top of mind, we move as one. And we provide powder coating services that are specifically built to boost your supply chain with consistently exceptional results.

Fueled Toward Success

We believe in providing cutting-edge powder coat finishes that lead the market. Rocket Powder Coating is more than a top-end partner. We’re your afterburn, the supplier operation that packs a punch with innovative powder coating procedures that give you even better product outcomes. 

Beyond the Stratosphere

Limitations fall away with Rocket Powder Coating’s dedication to quality and speed. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, the thoroughness of our coating procedures, and the accuracy of our control. The result: a process line that has no weak link, giving your company the best quality possible in the shortest time. 

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