What separates Rocket Powder Coating’s custom powder coating solutions from the rest is our attention to detail in the entire coating process. It’s not just following standard procedures—it’s elevating them and making sure every step is performed to its best.

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With so many different suppliers in the industry claiming to provide a quality custom powder coat service, it’s easy to simply go for the low-cost option. But when something is cheap and made quickly, the quality of the coating becomes compromised. 

Rocket Powder Coating believes in becoming the superior brand in terms of quality and performance rather than low cost. There are no shortcuts and compromises to our work. You get what you paid for—superior quality results from our custom powder coating services. 

Every Step Done Right

The more challenging your requirements are, the more our dedicated team of specialists rises to the occasion. We have incredibly tough standards for our own work, and they become tougher when we put your custom powder coating needs at the forefront of every job.

Powder coating is a straightforward process; dry color powder is applied to a metal surface, and the substance is baked at high temperatures to create a hard finish. But it’s the details and care put into the work and the powder coat itself that make the difference. 

We understand that finishing affects the overall results of any product our partners need. This is why we handle each step of the process with care. Each area to be coated is carefully inspected and cleaned with a 5-stage washer system. Imperfections are sandblasted away, ensuring that each part is ready for priming.

Electrostatic powder application thoroughly and evenly coats each part without risk of irregularities, leaving only smooth, uniform surfaces. Our priming and topcoat production capabilities are constantly inspected, so each part gets the full strength of both.

If you’re looking for a supplier that seeks to provide superior performance along with speed but never compromising on the quality, start a relationship with Rocket Powder Coating.  

The Extra Mile Advantage

It’s easy to look at the finishing as the last step in a long production line for parts. And with the hard, tough shell of powder coating baked in, anything can look good. But a quality custom powder coat finish doesn’t just complete your parts—it enhances them.

Even when time seems short and our partners need their projects completed at speed, we plow through the challenges with no chain interruption or disconnects. There are no band-aid solutions or emergency fixes here. It’s done properly, quickly, and delivered to you when you need them.

This means that your parts and components always have uniform presentation, pinpoint accuracy with your preferred colors and maximum corrosion resistance. All this is processed in a timely manner.

We maintain the most stringent coating standards at all times so your products remain at the very best form possible. And your parts arrive to you safely, ready to complete your products.

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