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Our Customers in Industrial and Commercial Powder Coating Solutions

Rocket Powder Coating has built a partnership with companies across multiple industries. Our commercial powder coating services have been consistently relied upon by businesses of all sizes and in all markets, with different needs and applications.  

High-quality industrial and commercial powder coating is crucial to the creation of specialized products and tools. Our commercial powder coating solutions, tools, and equipment have been specifically developed to remain dynamic—capable of addressing this range of needs.

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Our specialized industrial powder coating solutions have applications in the following fields:

Agriculture Equipment 

Rocket’s commercial powder coating ensures that equipment and tools withstand wear. Its finish is far more resistant to corrosion, significantly improving the equipment’s lifespan.  

Powder coating also requires no harmful chemical solvents, and they do not release volatile organic compounds, keeping the products that go through agricultural equipment safe. 

Heavy Equipment 

Boost longevity of the heavy equipment by giving them Rocket’s industrial powder coating. They’re resistant to wear even during high-intensity performance and usage. The finish also works on heavy-duty parts and materials.  


Rocket’s commercial powder coating solutions can be applied on tools and implements both large and small. Whether they’re for production and sale or direct use, the implements have a wear-free surface that ensures they last many years of usage, thanks to the powder coating seals.


Even equipment and tools for large-scale mining operations can be provided industrial powder coating solutions. Rocket’s part window is up to 30 feet long, 8 feet tall, and 8 feet wide. Components and assemblies up to 5,000 pounds can be serviced by our facilities.  

Dredging & Marine 

Marine and dredging equipment are rendered rust and corrosion resistant even through constant underwater use with industrial powder coating. Equipment remains wear-free despite repeated exposure to sunlight, salt water, and the elements.

Packaging & Processing 

Provide a vibrant, lasting finish to your packaging and processing with commercial powder coating solutions. The unmatched corrosion resistance can be applied on fiber-based packaging or other materials that are susceptible to moisture, protecting them.  

Enclosures & Cabinets 

Cabinets and enclosures remain looking brand new and vibrant for many years through the application of commercial powder coating. There will be no need to scrub, repaint, or refinish these items when protected by powder coat primer, paint, and a super durable topcoat.  

Retail Store Fixtures

Retail stores endure plenty of foot traffic, exposure, and pollution in urban areas. Through commercial powder coating, they retain brilliance and shine, saving maintenance and upkeep costs for store owners who aim to maintain their bottom line.

We are proud to provide industrial and commercial powder coating solutions that ensure our customers and partners save money, heighten product longevity and protection, and improve overall performance. Elevate the way you do business with reliable, premium powder coating services.