The Rocket Powder Coating Philosophy

We are firm believers in getting your money’s worth. Rocket excels in meeting expectations in quality and speed. Every aspect of the coating process, the quality of the material used, and the delivery adhere to the most stringent standards possible. 


While we’re not necessarily the low-cost supplier, we have built a solid industry-leading reputation of delivering the highest level of performance in quality powder coating services.  

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A Reputation for Quality

Powder coating may be rapidly becoming a popular product and therefore accessible to many companies. But finding a reliable supplier for it that continues to provide high-quality results in high yields, and with consistent speed, is not.  

But it’s in anticipation of these potential risks that Rocket has invested heavily in talent, technology, and tools. We aggressively maintain our continued processing systems, analyzing them to the last detail to ensure that there are no weak links.  

Quality powder coating is more than a finish to parts and product material. It’s created and handled with a significant amount of math and science, which Rocket has studied down to the last detail. This enables us to maximize every aspect, resulting in quality powder coating solutions. 

Rocket Powder Coating monitors, manages, and optimizes every process control detail, including: 

  • Parts wash chemical concentration and PH levels 
  • Pre-treatment chemical contact time 
  • Custom-designed racking to optimize part position for coating 
  • Electrical resistance measurement to ensure good part-to-ground conductivity 
  • Curing oven temperature accuracy and uniformity 
  • Accurate part heat transfer calculation based on metal thickness 
  • Infrared vision system for part-temperature monitoring 
  • Typical powder inspection: uncured powder thickness, cured mil thickness, adhesion, gloss level, salt spray resistance 
  • Lumen levels optimized in inspection areas 
  • State-of-the-art packaging and finished product protection 

All of these steps go through stringent quality control, ensuring that no matter the situation and the requirements for our partners’ products, we can deliver them in their best form. 

Delivering with Speed When You Need It

Our partners’ trust in us comes from our speed and reliability. 

In an industry that continues to change, there will be supply chain interruptions, emergencies, disturbances, and the risk of sub-par product batches. Most suppliers handle issues with temporary solutions and emergency fixes. But it is Rocket’s philosophy to go against shortcuts.  

Our detail-oriented process has assessed that even a single cut corner can break the quality chain. Being able to get parts right out of finishing and into assembly on time. And we can provide these custom powder coating services all without compromising the quality of the output. 

Our process ensures that we don’t have to be backed up even with a heavy schedule and a tight deadline. We do this by preparing with multiple contingencies as well as the equipment to handle any load. 

Rocket offers unmatched speeds due to: 

  • Turnaround times are consistently faster than other suppliers. 
  • Intake systems – including large warehouse space – which are engineered to flow parts through the process quickly. 
  • Fine-tuned capacity planning ensures that we meet the schedule we promise. 
  • Our own truck fleet – on our dime – to pick up and deliver customer orders, day or night. 

Quality and Speed with Transparency

Rocket places great importance on providing our partners with the quality and speed that our company is known for.

And we do it with no hidden charges and full transparency on our quotes. No upcharges for masking, packaging, or pickup and delivery. 

As a result, our partners get their money’s worth: from the premium materials and custom powder coating to every carefully assessed procedure. Deliveries are performed with minimal to no delays.  

No interruptions, no hidden charges, just quality custom powder coating services and timeliness. Contact us today and start a relationship with the supplier that elevates your company’s products with high performance and great results.